Unlocking the Power of Staffing Solutions for Your Business

What Is Staffing Solutions Unlocking it for your Business

Unlocking the Power of Staffing Solutions for Your Business

Are you looking to grow your team for this new year? Congratulations! That means you’re ready to take your business to new and bigger leagues. This also means you’re adding enough of a workload to hire fresh talent, which can be a daunting task. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll answer the question of ‘what is staffing solutions’ and how they can benefit your business.  

What Is Staffing Solutions? 

A staffing solution is a third-party company or agency that helps you find and hire the talent you’re looking for. They specialize in finding the right talent for your business, but their work doesn’t end there. What makes staffing solutions unique is that they are the ones that add new employees to their payroll and manage their contract as well as their legal benefits. They handle everything from the beginning to the end of a contract. 

How Does Staffing Solutions Work? 

Now that we have answered ‘What is staffing solutions?’, we need to dive deep into how they work exactly. We’ll divide this into some simple steps. 

Step 1: Finding the One and Communication 

Before 2020, there were about 25,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the US with around 49,000 offices. So, you need to find what and who is best suited for you. Ask yourself these questions before committing to one agency: 

  • Do they know my work field? 
  • Do they have specialized talent in the area that I’m looking for? 
  • What are the reviews of this company? 

Checking those things before saying yes can save you a lot of trouble. After you have found the perfect match for you, it’s time to communicate openly with them: 

  • What are you looking for? 
  • Which expectations do you have for this new employee? 
  • What tasks will they be performing? 
  • How many years of experience do you want? 
  • How does your team work? 

In order for your staffing company to know EXACTLY what you want, you need to answer the following questions. How much time do you have to find the right candidate? How much communication will you have, and lastly, what fee will you be paying monthly? You also need to express the expectations you have for the staffing agency. 

With this, your job is all done. The only thing that needs to be added is for you to approve the final round of candidates. From now on, everything is the staffing company’s responsibility.  

Step 2: Hiring and Management 

After hearing your wants and needs, it’s time for the staffing agency to get down to business. They go through their talent pool and through the applications they receive from LinkedIn or other hiring platforms. Choose the candidates most suited for the job and interview them. After you approve the candidates the staffing company shows you, the staffing agency is the one to hire them. They add them to their payroll, provide everything they need, and manage their work performance, vacations, bonuses, sick leave, and even the end of their contract.   

The Benefits of Staffing Solutions 

There are many benefits of turning into a staffing agency. Some of our favorite benefits are listed here: 

It’s a faster way to hire someone.  

Staffing agencies have a larger talent pool, a specialized hiring team, and years of experience in the area to fill positions faster. This can be pretty helpful if you’re in a hurry; after all, the average time to fill a position is 42 days.  

But this is also beneficial for job seekers too. According to Zippia, it takes 100 to 200 applications for the average job-seeker to receive a single job offer. Since staffing agencies are the ones that pair up employers with candidates, they can find the right position for them faster.  

It’s cost-effective.  

Not only do they let you focus on your business rather than the hiring process, but they save you some expenses like new gear and technology, advertising costs, etc. Some staffing agencies also offer outsourcing staffing that can get you specialized skills with a tighter budget. 

They are flexible and resourceful. 

Staffing companies have different solutions depending on your needs. For example, suppose you need sales representatives for the holidays only, specialized skills for a project, or a permanent placement. In that case, they know which strategies to find them in record time. 

Get Your Staffing Solutions with the Help of GreenStar! 

If you’re ready to unlock the benefits of staffing solutions, Greenstar Solutions is the agency you’re looking for! We count on different options catered to your needs and a big talent pool to find the missing piece of your team! Contact us and fill your team with new talent! 

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