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What are your company's top marketing challenges?

For the majority of companies, generating traffic and leads is an on-going struggle. Check out the graph below from a HubSpot Research report outlining that generating traffic and leads is a common challenge. With a Strategic Marketing Plan each tactic is set forth with your challenges and goals at the forefront. There are solid, proven methods to improving traffic rates which ultimately lead to an increase in leads.

The second largest challenge is proving the ROI of marketing efforts. Precision tracking and regular reporting helps solve this challenge with tangible data. Without proper tracking and reporting you could be wasting your own time and money.

strategic marketing challenges

Wondering if your website is working for you?

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Now what?

Did you answer yes to one or more of the questions above or are you experiencing one or more of the challenges shown in the chart above? It sounds like you may have just identified your need for a strategic marketing plan. So, what exactly is strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing makes sure that each one of your marketing efforts (e.g., blog posts, online advertising, website, direct mailers, etc.) aligns with your overall plan for connecting you with your audience. The key to understanding and creating an effective strategic marketing campaign is developing a comprehensive plan that allows everyone in your organization to understand marketing goals and the plan for accomplishing them.

What does a Strategic Marketing Plan look like?

  • Identifying & Analyzing Your Audience
  • Analyzing Your Competitors
  • Analyzing Your Opportunities
  • Conducting a Messaging Analysis
  • Marketing Tactics

How does your audience prefer to engage with you?

According to a trusted survey, 67% of consumers across all age ranges prefer to engage with a brand through their website. That’s a big deal! Just having a website isn’t enough, though. SEO updates should be performed every 6 months at the latest.

At the end of the day…

You can deploy marketing tactics and hope for the best. Or you can partner with GreenStar Solutions to create a Strategic Marketing Plan that identifies and analyzes your audience, competitors, opportunities, and messaging. Then deploys marketing tactics with clear goals in mind and easy to understand reporting that tracks your efforts.

strategic marketing plan tactics graphic

Why GreenStar Solutions?

  • We have the resources and dedication to create and help deploy a Strategic Marketing Plan that works for your business.
  • Our team works tirelessly to help you succeed in an increasingly digital world.
  • We already invested in many of the tools required to create attention-grabbing content, so you don’t have to make that investment.
  • And we watch for new trends and changing algorithms to keep your business ahead of the mass.


Consumers are shifting into a preference for video content versus written.


A picture is worth a thousand words and is easier for people to recall.


Social media posts have a unique ability to reach millions in an instant.


Websites are now the "face" of companies, they hold a huge opportunity for leads.


Reporting keeps your goals and actions aligned and allow you to adjust route.

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