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Energy Deregulation

Everyone wants options. Energy Deregulation allows you to choose your electric and natural gas supplier in certain states.

Energy deregulation is taking place on a state-by-state basis. Certain states are fully deregulated for electricity and natural gas, while others are only partially deregulated. Some states have not yet implemented any type of deregulation. See the below map to check if your state is deregulated.

GreenStar insures our commercial customers get to choose the electricity and natural gas services they want and need by providing market analysis, detailed comparisons, on-going support and guidance. Energy procurement is a new idea for many people. We have access to 50+ suppliers. Our process brings the market to you. The suppliers compete for your business and you win! With GreenStar Solutions, choice is power.


By professionally negotiating your contracts now, we can ensure that your pricing will be AT OR BELOW CURRENT MARKET LEVELS and your low, fixed-price contract will not increase with the rising energy market.


Our fee to you - $0.00. We don’t charge you any fee for our consultative services. Regardless of which electric or natural gas company you choose, our fee is paid by the suppliers.


We do all the work for you. As your Consultant, we will perform any necessary task while you are a customer of GreenStar Solutions, so you can focus on your business!

Map of Deregulated Energy States

This up-to-date map shows the deregulated electric and gas markets in the US as of 2018.  Keep in mind that no state has a market that is completely deregulated.

Energy deregulation is the reason that you can shop for a provider in the first place. It gives you the power to switch your electricity or natural gas supplier and affects how much you will pay. Deregulation gives consumers a choice when it comes to their supplier.