MSP Best Practices and Strategy for Revenue

MSP Best Practices - GreenStar Partner Spotlight - Brightlink

MSP Best Practices and Strategy for Revenue

In this Partner Spotlight we’re joined again by Brightlink‘s Ken Adams, the Director of Channel Sales who talked to us about MSP best practices for sales and strategy for revenue.

Viewers will learn

  • A recap of who Brightlink is
  • Best practices for selling your brand
    • Have a clear strategy in place
    • Specialize your approach for your business
    • Know your SWOT
    • Efficiency provides higher margin/profit
    • Align your various resources and systems
    • Over-communicate with your team so they understand the “Why”
  • Drink your own champagne / Eat your own dog food
  • Who your hunters and farmers are
  • A solid qualification process
  • Inbound marketing strategies
  • What tools help start business acceleration
  • How to educate your customers
  • How to measure your initiatives
  • Improve contact and qualification rates with predictive analytics
  • Why your team needs to see their progress
  • What’s next after you enact these MSP best practices

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