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Pete Kish

President & Managing Partner

Pete Kish brings over 20 years of business development and management experience.  He focuses on value-based leadership, team development and organizational processes. He excels in a fast-paced, hands-on, client driven environment.

Pete started his telecom carrier as a consultant in 1999 at Philadelphia based ATX Communications. He quickly worked his way up through the organization and was a consistent President’s Club winner.  He was later promoted to a District Manager.  Pete ran the Allentown, PA office and led the team to become one of the top teams in the company.  The team not only produced over its sales quota but also was one of the leaders in customer retention. 

Pete was honored and promoted to Regional Director where he continued the trend of over quota sales and outstanding customer retention.  He attributes his success to his hands on customer-centric sales model.  During Pete’s illustrious career, he also enjoyed success at CTC Communications and One Communications. 

With a vision for a better way of doing telecommunication and energy consulting, Pete co-founded GreenStar Solutions in 2011.  Pete developed the GreenStar Energy and Telecom direct and partner program.  During this time, he developed and augmented vendor relationships which contributed in building consistent and progressive sales channels for the company.  Serving as the Managing Partner and President of GreenStar, Pete directs the company’s cloud based communication and computing solutions, and assists with daily business development efforts.  

He enjoys spending time with his family, fly fishing and traveling and resides in Bethlehem, PA with his wife, Christine, and their three children.   

Dave George brings over two decades of leadership and enterprise management experience to GreenStar Solutions. Client acquisition and mutually beneficial relationships, as well as profitable growth have been a consistent factor in all of Dave’s professional endeavors. He has founded several successful companies, all of which enjoyed significant growth and success with him at the helm.

After the sale of his first business, Dave went on to work at the family telecommunications business, Ironton Telephone Company. Dave worked his way up to General Manager. Under his leadership, Ironton Telephone quickly evolved to one of the fastest growing privately owned telecommunications companies in Pennsylvania.

During this time, Dave founded Lehigh Fukasa-Kai, his own martial arts dojo offering traditional training in the Japanese disciplines of Jujutsu, Aikido and Kempo. For over two decades Dave has been teaching and training in these arts.

In 2010, seeing the evolution of land based telecom and the shift to cloud services, Dave founded Ironton Global. An Internet Telecommunications Service Provider, or ITSP, offering next generation SIP and Hosted IP-PBX services. At the same time, Dave also founded Telzy, a business based on the deployment of a multi-lingual mobile app.

Seeing a need to redefine the sales and consultative process for Enterprise and SMB Cloud Computing and Cloud Communications, Dave, as Chairman of the Board, co-founded GreenStar Solutions in 2011. Creating a business that was geared for the next evolution in Cloud and the continual improvement in the client experience.

Dave serves on several telecommunications advisory boards and has been nominated several times for Executive/CEO of the Year. He enjoys the ocean, the Caribbean/Key West and traveling with his girlfriend Michelle and their three children. Dave currently resides in Pennsville, PA.

Leadership Dave George

Dave George

Board Chairman