5 Big Benefits of Outsource Staffing Solutions 

outsource staffing solutions

5 Big Benefits of Outsource Staffing Solutions 

Did you know that it takes an average of 36 days to hire a new staff member? This means you are taking 36 days to focus on staffing instead of reaching your work goals. On top of that, adding staff to your office can be very stressful. Did you know that there are outsource staffing solutions that can help you through your recruitment period?  

We know that not everyone can see the value in utilizing these outsourced staffing solutions. Therefore, we have listed 5 big benefits of using these services below.  

Outsource Staffing Solutions Benefit 1: Wide Pool of Recruits  

Outsourcing staffing allows you to connect to qualified professionals that you otherwise would not have connected with. An outsourcing staffing agency will use their social networking, their professional connections and referrals, and other resources to find the best candidates for you.  

Outsource Staffing Solutions Benefit 2: Competitive Advantage 

Along the lines of finding a wide pool of recruits with their resources, staffing companies also offer a competitive advantage. We know that as a small or medium-sized business, you may not have the same resources as big businesses that have HR departments, sizable budgets, and the time to put into finding a perfect new hire.  

That’s where hiring a staffing company will benefit you. All you need to do is consult with the agency, letting them know what your perfect hire looks like. Then they get to work. They look for candidates that have skills to match your needs and wants. Often, they will be able to find these candidates much faster than you (or your competition) would if you were working alone.   

Outsource Staffing Solutions Benefit 3: Low Cost 

Did you know that there can be large expenses associated with adding to your staff? These expenses can include skills testing, surveys, job posting, interviewing, background checks, training programs and so on. When you outsource your staffing, all these expenses are included with the low monthly fee that you pay.  

Also included with this fee is human resources and payroll duties. They will take care of that for you! This cuts down on your administrative costs and allows you to focus on what you do best – your business duties.  

Outsource Staffing Solutions Benefit 4: Wiggle Room 

When you work with outsourced staffing solutions, you have wiggle room with your hires. When you employ someone, they can start as a temporary employee. This gives you the opportunity to know if they fit in before offering them a permanent position within your company.  

When you work with the staffing agency, they understand that not every person works with every company. They want you to hire the perfect match just as much as you do. Therefore, when they look for candidates for you, they let the candidates know that their trial period is temporary and could possibly lead to a permanent position.   

Outsource Staffing Solutions Benefit 5: Help When You Need It 

When you hire temporary workers, you have the flexibility you need to support you during busy times of the year. This saves your resources for when you really need help. There is no need to have a permanent hire during your slow times and working with a staffing agency can help support your ebbs and flows. Remember, if you have a temporary worker that is knocking it out of the ballpark, you can always offer to turn their temporary position into a permanent one.  

Want to Learn More? 

If you’re interested in learning more about how outsource staffing solutions works, GreenStar Solutions can help you out. Our experts can help match your company to the perfect candidate to fill your business needs. Contact us today so we can get started working for you!  

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